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Professional Legal Assistance Following A Drug Posession Arrest

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If you have been arrested for drug possession, it is in your best interest to contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. Depending on the extent of your charges and specific state laws, you may be facing jail or prison time, and having an experienced attorney by your side is of the utmost importance. A professional criminal defense attorney may be able to request a lighter punishment such as alternative drug treatment or probation, but it is imperative that you act quickly in order for your attorney to prepare a proper defense on your behalf. Read on to learn more about the process of hiring an attorney, such as Eric Schurman, Attorney at Law, and how they can assist you with your drug-related charges.

Arraignment Hearing

Shortly following your arrest, you will be required to stand before a judge who will read the charges against you. During the hearing, you must enter your plea of guilty, not guilty, or no contest and inform the court on your intentions to hire a defense attorney. Your sentencing hearing will then be scheduled and the judge will set a bail amount if a supervised release is granted until your court date. If bail is denied, you will be required to remain in custody until your sentencing hearing. 

Attorney Consultation

Immediately following your arraignment, the first step in obtaining legal counsel is to schedule a consultation with a defense attorney. If you are currently in jail or under supervised release that requires you to remain at home until your court date, you can request that the attorney travel to meet you or conduct the interview over the telephone. During your consultation, the attorney will ask you questions regarding the charges you are facing. It is important to answer all of the attorney's questions as honestly as possible and provide them with a detailed timeline of the events leading up to your arrest. If you pleaded not guilty at your arraignment hearing, you will need to provide the attorney with as much evidence as possible that can help point to your innocence.

For example, if your arrest stemmed from being in a common area in which drugs were present but they did not belong to you, you must be able to show the judge that you were merely a bystander with no intention of using or distributing the drugs. If you pleaded guilty at your arraignment and are ready to accept your punishment, it is still important to be completely honest with the attorney, as every detail leading up to your arrest is essential when it comes to obtaining a potentially lighter sentence. If the attorney decides to take your case, they will provide you with a legal retainer agreement and advise you on the next steps in the process. You will most likely meet with your attorney on a regular basis prior to your court date in order to prepare your defense and ensure that you are prepared for your court date.

Your Sentencing Hearing

During your sentencing hearing, the judge will listen to statements from your attorney and the prosecuting attorney regarding your charges. Your attorney may also call in witnesses who are willing to speak on behalf of your innocence. You will also have the opportunity to make a statement to the judge. If you choose to make a statement, your attorney will make sure you are fully prepared prior to your hearing. After the judge hears from all parties, they will render a sentencing decision.

Professional Legal Defense

Drug possession is a serious charge that can lead to prison time in certain situations. A professional criminal defense attorney will do their very best to defend your case in order to obtain a fair and reasonable outcome.


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