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Auto Accident Law 101

Should You Ignore That Car Recall Notice Or Do Something About It?

Everett Cook

Millions of people across the country have received car recall notices over the past decade or so. It seems like every few months, there is another major auto manufacturer announcing a large, nationwide recall due to some mechanical defect found in their cars. The cars involved in most recalls are older models, usually because it takes some time to gather enough data for a car manufacturer to determine if accidents in their cars are caused by driver error or something to do with the actual car. Once in a while, a recall is with a new car, but this is rare. Either way, you have more than likely received a car recall notice at some point, or know someone who has. What should you do with them? Are they really serious, or can they be ignored?

Car Manufacturers Don't Send Out Recall Notices for No Reason

If you get a recall notice from your car's manufacturer, it is because a problem really was found with the make and model and year of your car. This discovery was over the entirety of that particular type of car. Dealers are required to perform the repairs on the recall for free, and manufacturers don't like to shell out that kind of money. If you get a recall notice, there really is a problem with your car.

It Usually Takes Very Little Time to Get the Repairs Done

Most of the time, the recall repairs take an hour or less to get done at the dealer. Only rarely do they take longer. In most cases, though, your car won't need to be kept all day. While your chances of actually having an accident due to the defect in your car may be small (and recall notices frequently state this), your willingness to take the risk is really up to you.

Yet, you should ask yourself if an hour or so of your time is worth knowing you are driving a totally safe car. Often, the time it takes to make the repairs is worth it.

You May Not Be Able to Sue If You Ignore a Recall Notice

Car manufacturers hate it when a car accident lawyer calls due to a driver being injured because of a mechanical defect in their automobile. That is why they send out recall notices. If you receive a recall notice and ignore it, you may not be able to bring a personal injury lawsuit later if your car suffers the mechanical defect you were warned about in the recall.


While you should always call a car accident lawyer any time you are injured in a car accident, your legal standing may be affected by whether or not you acted on a car recall notice. With something that takes so little time to do, and is recommended for good safety reasons, it seems reasonable to go ahead and get the repairs done. If your car has been recalled, take it to the dealer for the necessary repairs today.


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