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Auto Accident Law 101

4 Issues A Family Law Attorney Can Help With

Everett Cook

Family law is a complex field and can encompass many types of family issues. The first thing you need to know when considering a family lawyer is what type of issues they handle. Here are the four issues a family lawyer can help guide you through:

1. Divorce

Divorce is a complicated, emotional time. Many people cannot separate their personal feelings from the law. Because of this, they don't always act in the best interests of themselves, their former spouse, or their children. This is where a family law attorney can be most useful. A family lawyer is impartial and will ensure that the divorce is amicable. The lawyer may be working for you, but he or she will take into account the best interests of everyone. A lawyer can also guide you through divorce agreements and, if needed, any court cases.

2. Child support and custody

The issue of child support and custody can be a point of contention among couples, especially in the event of a divorce. The issue of child support is one that can lead to many court battles. Whether the issue of how much child support to pay or whether it is being paid at all is the problem, a lawyer can help sort it out. A family lawyer can be especially valuable for fathers. A lawyer can help fathers receive joint custody and make sure that his rights are respected.

3. Prenuptial Agreements

If you have assets that you do not want to give up in the event of a divorce, you are probably considering a prenuptial agreement. Before creating a contract or having your future spouse sign anything, you must consult a family lawyer. A family lawyer can make sure that there are no loopholes and will draft a contract that protects your assets in the best possible way. Also, a prenuptial agreement can predetermine child support, child custody, and alimony.

4. Juvenile Delinquency

If you have a child who is misbehaving, getting into trouble, or skipping school, you may struggle to find guidance. You may have already tried counselors and programs to get your child back on track. Sometimes, you need to hire a lawyer. This can happen if your child is deemed delinquent due to improper parenting and discipline. In extreme cases, your child may be taken from you. You will need a family lawyer who can make your case and show that you want the best for your child. He or she can help you demonstrate that you truly have your child's interests in mind. He or she will show the court that your home is indeed the best place for your child and that you should retain custody.

These are the problems that you may be facing that a family law attorney, such as LaCroix & Hand PC, can help you with.


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