Auto Accident Law 101

Auto Accident Law 101

3 Crucial Instructions That Your Car Accident Attorney Will Give You

Everett Cook

There you were, driving in your car while taking care of last-minute holiday shopping when you suddenly (and unfortunately) found yourself involved in a car accident. Assuming that you were able to leave the scene of the accident, you'll need to decide what to do next. What you'll absolutely need to do is call a car accident attorney who will advise you of the following: 

Don't Confess Anything To Anyone

You're probably a good, responsible person like most people are. It's in your nature to want to apologize and take any ownership for the accident that you deem necessary. After all, you've been taught that apologizing and taking ownership are key in restoring great relationships with others. 

But, in the instance of being involved in a car accident, confessing and taking responsibility is the opposite of what your attorney will advise you to do. Other drivers involved in the accident will use your good intentions and your confessions against you. You could find that the courts will order you to pay for damages, and health-related expenses on behalf of the other driver. Worse, you won't receive financial compensation for your damages, even if the accident wasn't your fault. 

Give your attorney all the pertinent information they'll need to either advocate for you or defend you. But, never offer up any information to anyone without previous advisement from your attorney. 

Keep All Of Your Assigned Medical Appointments

Your attorney might assist you in finding a doctor to give you a complete medical exam after the car accident. No matter how healthy you currently feel, you must attend all of your medical exam appointments. Your attorney will need as much clinic information as possible in order to create a compensation case on your behalf. And, your examiner might find signs of physical trauma that you're not aware of. 

It's very common for car accident victims to experience physical trauma symptoms weeks and sometimes, months after a car accident. There's a statute of limitations that prevents you from claiming compensation for medical bills after a car accident, so it's crucial for you to receive a diagnosis and comprehensive medical records as soon as possible. 

Submit Your Car Repair Receipts

Even if your car only incurred minor scratches or dents, submit the repair receipts to your attorney. You might be able to win financial compensation for even the smallest repairs if your attorney can prove that the accident wasn't your fault. And, there's no guarantee that the other driver involved in the accident is carrying auto insurance.   While being involved in a car accident sometimes doesn't appear to be a big deal, issues might arise that often prove to become a major hassle. Let an experienced attorney, such as Todd East Attorney at Law, handle the hassles on your behalf. 


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