Auto Accident Law 101

Auto Accident Law 101

Auto Accident Whiplash On Company Time? Make Sure It's Not On Your Dime

Everett Cook

If you were a victim and your neck was injured while you were driving a company vehicle and traveling for work and your company doesn't want to pay for all of your medical expenses, meet with a personal injury attorney. 

A severe neck injury can lead to a lifetime of disabilities and could deter your ability to work for a lifetime. Talk with a personal injury lawyer and set up an appointment, and bring the following information.

Police Report

Bring the police report from the accident. If you don't have it, you can get it easily at the police station or county clerk's office where the incident was filed. The incident is going to show that you weren't to blame for the accident and that you weren't ticketed or cited for the damages. This proves you were a victim and that you were only at that place at that time because of work.

Current Medical Reports

All medical records from the accident need to be documented. You want a copy of statements from your doctor visits, any type of imaging tests or blood work you've had completed, and expenses for any emergency transportation. If your physician has stated what type of future treatment you'll need, your lawyer will want to make a detailed report.

Future Costs

Ask your physician to give you a breakdown of future costs. Your lawyers are going to use your diagnosis information and recommended treatment options from your health care professionals to determine what type of expenses you are looking at while you heal. They also will estimate what type of long term medical needs and costs you may have.

Wage Statements

Bring all of your current employment wage information with you. If your medical professional hasn't cleared you to go back to work, and you may not get cleared ever, you need to be compensated for missed wages. The company should be paying you workers compensation until your case is settled, and they should pay for the missed wages you have to suffer in the years ahead of you.

Call a lawyer and sit down for a free consultation so you can figure out if you can get the money that you need after your accident. You were hurt on their time, and you deserve financial relief.

For more information or for more advice on personal injury cases, contact a business such as Lerner, Piermont & Riverol, P.A.


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