Auto Accident Law 101

Auto Accident Law 101

Two Ways You Can Help Your Personal Injury Lawyer Build A Strong Case

Everett Cook

You may have hired a pesonal injury attorney to help you get a fair financial settlement after someone has caused you to become injured, but that is only the first step on the road to victory. Here are some things you can be doing to help your lawyer with your case.

Disclose Your Entire Medical History

Your first impulse may be to keep some parts of your medical history to yourself because you don't think that it is relevant to your case. However, the other party's insurance company or attorney may very well find out about things in your past and make an attempt to claim that prior medical conditions are to blame for your current injuries.

If your lawyer has no knowledge of these prior medical conditions until told by the other attorney, their job becomes more difficult, as they need to be able to counter those claims. You can help your lawyer, and in turn your own case, by telling your lawyer everything about your medical past. Let them decide what is and is not relevant.

Follow Your Doctor's Treatment Plan

One of the most important things you can do to help your lawyer build a strong case for you is to stick to your doctor's treatment plan. You may be feeling a little better and want to play ball with your children or get some yard work done, but if your doctor has told you not to do strenuous exercise, it is vital that you follow their orders.

More and more often, insurance companies are hiring investigators to look into the activities of people who file claims against the company. The investigator may snap pictures of you doing yard work, lifting heavy shopping bags, or playing baseball with your kids, and those photos may be used to show that you are not as injured as you claim you are.

Insurance investigators may also check out your social media profiles to look for proof that you are not hurt. Therefore, be sure you are doing everything your doctor told you to do. That way, your lawyer will not have to come up with a defense for incriminating pictures or social media statuses.

Now that you know some things you can do so that your lawyer is able to build a strong case for you, be sure to use the tips in this article. Talk with a lawyer like Steven A. Crifase Ltd to find out if there is anything else you can do.


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