Auto Accident Law 101

Auto Accident Law 101

4 Methods For Proving Your Car Accident Case

Everett Cook

Being involved in a collision is sure to make any day a bad one.  This can wreak havoc on your physical, mental and financial well-being. It's possible to suffer some financial losses, and the ideal way to recover from this situation may be by taking legal action against the other driver. The key to building the strongest case possible will rest in knowing what to do during civil litigation and specifically during the discovery stage. There are four parts to this stage, and this is the time to prove your case.

Written Interrogatories

You may be served a series of questions about your car accident that you will need to answer. These are referred to as written interrogatories, and you will want to be sure to respond to these questions with thorough answers.


One of the parts of the discovery stage that you may dread the most is the deposition. This is when you'll have to meet with the other parties attorney and respond to any inquiries about the collision you're asked.

Listed below are some facts you should know about this meeting:

1. You will be sworn in under oath beforehand.

2. You should never attend a deposition without your attorney.

3. There will be a court reporter present that will be transcribing the entire deposition.

Request for admission statements

Being able to either admit to or deny certain statements could shorten your time in court if your case proceeds to this level. This is known as the request for admission statements, and you should always provide truthful responses.

Requests for production documents

One of the ideal times to prove your losses and to show that you aren't to blame for the accident is during this stage. Being able to provide the papers below that support your claim can be helpful to your case:

1. Medical bills – Be sure to provide all the receipts you have for your entire medical treatment.

2. Property damage – Getting an estimate to repair or replace your vehicle can help your case.

3. Lost wages – Having your employer creating a document that shows your lost income is ideal.

4. Police report – Provide an official report that shows you weren't at fault for the wreck.

Working to recover your losses at this dire time is ideal. For assistance with your case, contact a car accident attorney like those at Powers Law.


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