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Auto Accident Law 101

What to Do If Your Neighbor Uses Your Property for Parking or Storage

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Do you have a bad neighbor that likes to park on your lawn or driveway or leaves their belongings on your side of the property line? If so, you don't just need to hope they move out soon. You're legally entitled to keep them and their belongings off of your property. However, you need to do this the right way to avoid legal problems of your own.

Start with a Nice Chat

Don't start out by assuming the worse. Sometimes, a neighbor might simply not be aware of the actual property line or may not realize that parking on your property for a short period of time is a big deal.

If your neighbors are really nice people, talking to them will be the quickest way to get the situation resolved and maybe even to get to know them better. However, if they didn't know, and you start by filing a complaint against them, they'll likely be hostile to you until one of you moves.

If you go over to talk to them, and they refuse your request, you won't feel guilty when you move on to the next steps.

Never Move Their Property on Your Own

Never move a neighbor's property on your own even if you're just sliding it a few feet across the property line. If they see you, this could cause a confrontation.

If the property goes missing or is damaged, they may be able to sue you in court or file a criminal complaint for theft. Always let the proper authorities handle any property.

Check Local Towing Laws for Cars

You also need to check local towing laws before you decide to call a tow truck to tow a car on your property. In some areas, you may be required to post a sign or give some other warning before you're allowed to call a tow truck.

If the police don't tow illegally parked cars, and you need to use a private towing company, choose one that is licensed, bonded, and insured so that you aren't liable for any potential damage.

Go to Court

If your neighbor keeps violating your property rights, you can get an injunction against their trespassing on your yard. If they keep violating the court order, they'll be subject to fines and possible arrest for contempt of court.

To get more help with a property dispute, contact a local real-estate lawyer today to find more info.


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