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Auto Accident Law 101

5 Reasons People Are Injured In Car Accidents Every Year

Everett Cook

Car accident injuries are, unfortunately, all too common and are also all too preventable. However, the right precautions taken to prevent these injuries are simply not taken as seriously as they should be. Here are five reasons people are injured in car accidents every year:

  1. The seatbelt is Not Worn: The first reason is that the seatbelt is not being worn. As a driver, you must be sure that you are wearing a seatbelt, as well as your passengers. If your passengers are injured in an accident you caused and it was determined that they were not wearing a seatbelt, you are going to be held even more responsible for the related injuries. 
  2. Not Having the Airbags Turned On: You also need to be sure that your airbags are turned on for the safety of your passengers. Of course, if you have no passengers, then it's okay to have all the airbags turned off aside from your own. However, turning them off at all puts you at risk of not remembering to turn them back on once you do have passengers. It's better to have them on all the time for this reason. 
  3. Not Acknowledging the Speed Limit: Even if you were not the direct cause of a car accident in which injuries were involved, if it's discovered that you were driving at a high rate of speed, you will at least be held partially responsible for the accident and injuries that were endured. 
  4. Jaywalking: If you were not driving, but rather jaywalking across the street, you are held accountable for injuries suffered if you were to be hit by a car. The reason being that the driver only has to exhibit caution in designated crosswalk areas. For this reason, you can't expect for your injuries to be covered by the driver, but will rather need to be paid for on your own. 
  5. Exhibiting Raod Rage: Road rage gets many drivers into trouble every year even those who try and provoke a driver with road rage. The best thing to do is to avoid drivers who are exhibiting signs of road rage because chances are, they could hit your car purposefully or an accident could happen anyway because of the careless driving between you both and it's difficult to prove at this point who was truly at fault for the situation. Most likely, that driver is also going to make any kind of claim you make against them difficult, which is just something you want to avoid altogether. 

These are the five biggest reasons people are involved in car accidents with injuries every year. It's important to recognize this and avoid it to the best of your ability.  To learn more, contact a law firm like McMenamin & McMenamin, PS


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