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Filing For Disability? Here's Why You Should Hire A Social Security Lawyer

Everett Cook

If you have decided that it is time for you to file for social security disability, you will want to consider retaining a lawyer. While you are allowed to actually represent yourself in this matter, many people find that the benefits that come from having the professional legal assistance helps a lot. To help you better understand why hiring a social security lawyer may be the best thing for you, you will want to keep reading.

They Can Read Your Completed Questionnaire

You will be sent a questionnaire from the social security office that you will need to fill out and return to them. There will be a lot of questions and it can get rather confusing for some people. To make sure that you accurately answered the questions, your disability lawyer will read it once it is finished. This will help make sure that errors are caught or if there is a better way you could explain some of the points that you are trying to make.

They Can Keep Track Of Progress

Whether this is your initial application or you are working on your appeal, you may want to make sure that you are kept informed of where your case is within the approval process. It is easy for your lawyer to do this because they will know who to call and what questions to ask.. They simply have a better understanding of how the social security disability system works and will be able to keep you filled in as much as possible.

They Can Be Ready To Fight A Denial

If you end up denied for social security disability, you will want to file an appeal. There is a limited amount of time to do this and if you do not meet the deadline, you have to start the process all over again. This is why having a social security disability lawyer working on your case is important. He or she will have everything ready for an appeal should you get a denial letter.

If you are now ready to retain a social security disability lawyer, you will want to begin your search for the one that you feel most comfortable working with. to do this, you will want to call to schedule an initial consultation with the lawyers that you are interested in working with. During this consultation, you will discuss the disability that you are suffering with, how it impacts your life, and whether they believe you have a strong case.


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