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3 Great Reasons To Hire An Attorney When Putting Together A Special Needs Trust

Everett Cook

As you start getting older, it becomes more important to think about life after you're gone for your family. This is particularly true if someone has a disability. That's where the creation of a special needs trust comes in handy. It won't be difficult to put together if you get assistance from an attorney. 

Help with the Extensive Paperwork 

A lot of paperwork is involved when creating a trust fund for someone in your family with special needs. Tackling this paperwork yourself can be pretty stressful and doing it alone increases your odds of making mistakes.

That's why you should always hire an attorney when putting together this type of specialty trust fund. They'll print off all of the necessary forms and make sure you complete them correctly. Once you're finished, they can double-check to make sure you did everything by the book.

Determine How Trust Funds Are Spent 

The money that you leave to a disabled family member is crucial for their well-being once you're gone. As such, you don't want to make any mistakes when planning on how the funds in this trust should be spent. Fortunately, you'll have a much easier time deciding on these matters when you get assistance from an attorney. 

They can look into your personal situation and see what needs your family member has. They may recommend using the funds for medical care or Social Security disability. Whatever plan is created by you and your attorney, you can rest assured the money in the fund won't be spent frivolously. 

Designate a Trust Fund Manager 

If the special needs trust fund is being set up for a child or minor, then it's paramount to select someone to manage this account should you pass on. An attorney can help you with this decision. 

They'll see who in your family is trustworthy and has a clean record. Once the appropriate party is selected, your attorney can write their name into the trust fund agreement. This way, you can rest assured your family member will use the trust fund wisely with guidance from the selected party.

Special needs trust funds are important resources for families who're affected by disabilities. If you're thinking about creating one for your family, make sure you work alongside an attorney. When you do, you won't run into as many obstacles and you can worry less about what the future has in store financially. 


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