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Can You Modify A Final Judgment In A Divorce?

Everett Cook

One of the final steps of the divorce process involves going to court to stand before a judge who is responsible for granting the dissolution of your marriage order. When this occurs, both spouses will receive a copy of the final judgment of the divorce, and this is often called a divorce decree. The information in this document is court-ordered, and you must follow every item in it. If you ever want to change something it says, you would have to modify the agreement, and here are a few things to know about this.

You can modify it, but it will take a judge's approval

It is so vital to make sure you have everything outlined correctly in your divorce decree before you attend your final hearing, as it is difficult to change anything in it. If you find that something is not right with what it says, you would have to go to court to change it. If something changes in the future and you need to modify what it says, you must go to court to do this. In other words, the decree is what it says unless you go to court and get a judge's approval to change whatever it is that you want to change.

It is easier to modify something when you both agree to it

Secondly, it is important to know that changing something on the decree is so much easier when you and your ex-spouse agree on it. If you both agree that one item on the decree should be different, and if you agree on what that difference is, you will have no trouble changing it. If you do not agree on it, you must go to court and let the judge decide on whether or not to change it.

There are several common things people will try to modify

The most common things that people will want to modify are child custody and child support. These two issues can change over time, as situations in life change. If, for example, your ex gets a much higher paying job and you know about it, you could ask the court to modify the amount of child support he or she pays to accommodate for this pay increase.

If you are interested in finding out if you can modify something in your divorce decree, you will need to talk to a family law attorney at law firms like the Law Offices Of James Jackson to find out more information.


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