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Auto Accident Law 101

Include Your Child's Future in Your Divorce Plans

Everett Cook

Divorce can be a confusing time for most and it's easy to spend too much time on emotional issues like child support and debt divisions. If you are a parent, though, this is a very good time to think about your child's future. If you wait till later, it could be too late to make provisions that cover important future expenses like your child's education. For some guidance, read on.

Why Making Agreements Now Matter So Much

It's all too easy to consider a future event like college for the kids to be unimportant. Any provision that makes its way into the divorce agreement has the power of the law behind it once the judge signs the order and your divorce is final. You can take one of two paths toward the goal of enlisting the other parent's support in the goal of paying for college.

Make Your Own Agreement

Parents are free to make most divorce decisions themselves and have it included in the divorce. As long as the agreement is not unfair or illegal, the judge is very likely to turn it into an order. When you and your spouse create an agreement to handle college expenses for the future, keep the following in mind:

  1. How much should each parent contribute to the college fund? The issue of state vs private institutions matter. 
  2. If your child is old enough, consider whether or not a scholarship or grants might contribute to the costs.
  3. How will the fund be kept and administered? You should take steps to protect the fund from a parent dipping into it for other reasons and it should reside in a safe account. At the same time, be sure and agree on who will access the fund when the time comes. Full disclosure and communication between the parties is key to a successful agreement.
  4. Will the child be expected to contribute any money to the fund?
  5. What should the fund cover? Tuition only or housing, books, food, or something else?

Have the Plan Be Court-Ordered

If you cannot agree on a plan, all is not lost. Some states make this issue a required part of a divorce agreement. The family court will look at the child's potential to attend college, the income of the parents, and other financial aid available before they order the parents to contribute to a plan. For more help on creating a plan for your child's education, speak to a divorce law attorney.


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