Auto Accident Law 101

Auto Accident Law 101

Benefits of Hiring An Injury Lawyer After Falling On Commercial Property

Everett Cook

Accidents on commercial property can cause serious injuries. For example, someone who slips and falls on a wet stairway might suffer bone fractures that require surgery and lengthy recovery time. Unfortunately, your situation may be worsened even after the initial accident by the costs of medical care and lost wages during recovery time, which add up quickly. While insurance policies are meant to give you a safety net in case of accidents, insurance companies are not always cooperative when it comes to paying out compensation.

If you have been injured on commercial property, consider hiring a personal injury attorney, who can help you negotiate with an unhelpful insurer. If you are hesitating because you are worried about court costs, it may help you to know that these lawyers typically receive a percentage of the settlement instead of any upfront payment, making hiring them affordable.  

Here are some benefits that an experienced injury attorney provides to their clients:

Experience and Resources

An injury attorney has the experience and resources to accurately determine how much the insurer should pay. The lawyer or a staff member can research similar prior cases if necessary. In contrast, individuals without legal representation commonly underestimate the amount. 

Many people know that a settlement should include payment for medical expenses so their own health insurance is reimbursed. The deductible and co-pay amounts also are covered. An amount for lost wages is included. But they don't think to include expenses like transportation while they cannot drive or childcare costs if needed.

Understanding of Insurance Adjusters' Strategies

Injury lawyers also know the strategies insurers might use to offer unreasonably low compensation or to refuse to pay anything. For example, they could try to show that the injured person was partly at fault. Perhaps somebody saw the injured party walking down the stairs while looking at a smartphone, not paying attention to the environment.

The attorney, however, would know that property owners are expected to keep the premises safe and that they are liable when they neglect to do so.

When hired, the lawyer becomes responsible for all communications with the insurance company. The attorney presents various types of evidence to support the client's case. That could include medical documents and statements from witnesses. Enough evidence is acquired to make a persuasive argument.

Filing a Lawsuit

If the adjusters continue to be uncooperative, the lawyer may decide to sue on behalf of the client. This begins the process of litigation. Now documents must be filed with the court and trial preparation begins. Although nearly all injury cases eventually settle outside of court, the filing shows the insurer that the claimant and lawyer will not give up. 

Getting Started

If you have been injured and need legal representation, contact an injury attorney or firm, like the Law Office of Robert Karwin, for a free consultation. After hiring a lawyer, the process will become significantly less stressful for you. With your lawyer working on convincing the adjusters to pay reasonable compensation, you will be able to focus on healing. 


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