Auto Accident Law 101

Auto Accident Law 101

Pursuing Justice In Pedestrian Accident Cases

Everett Cook

Pedestrian accidents can be a fairly common occurrence, but often, individuals may not fully grasp the severity of these incidents or the legal options that may be available to them. In order to protect your rights as a victim in a pedestrian accident case, there are several assumptions that you will have to avoid making:

Pedestrian Accident Cases Always Involve An Automobile

An accident involving a pedestrian and an automobile can be an extremely serious situation that is likely to result in major injuries to the victim. However, individuals should avoid assuming that all pedestrian accident cases will have to involve an automobile. Another common example of one of these accidents can be collisions with bikes and scooters. Appreciating the full range of potential causes for pedestrian accidents can enable a victim to be more adept at handling these situations.

There Is No Need To Get An Accident Report For Pedestrian Accidents

Following any major accident, individuals should always have an accident report of the incident prepared. While individuals may be aware of this need when it comes to accidents with their automobiles, they may fail to realize that this also needs to be done in pedestrian accident cases. Without this type of report, it could be far more difficult to prove the facts of the incidents when it comes to negotiating a settlement or pursuing the matter through a trial. For these reasons, pedestrian accident victims should always have an accident report prepared by the local police following these incidents so that they can be protected in the event that the party responsible attempts to lower their obligation for the damages that were suffered by the victim.

It Is Not Necessary To Determine Fault In A Pedestrian Accident Case

As with any case, it will be necessary to determine the balance of fault in the incident. When it comes to pedestrian cases, individuals may assume that the pedestrian will always be in the right. While this may often be the case, it is possible for some factors and circumstances to influence the liability of each party. One example of this can be a pedestrian that is struck while not using a crosswalk or other designed area for getting from one side of the street to another. A pedestrian accident lawyer can assist you with reviewing the facts of your case to help you understand these factors and the way that they could impact your case.

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