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Elder Neglect And Abuse In Nursing Homes: The Basics

Everett Cook

Seniors have every right to live out their golden years in comfort and contentment. This is not always the case, however, as some seniors in nursing homes are subject to negligence and abuse. If you have a parent or loved one in such a facility, you naturally want to know as much about this issue as possible, so you can take steps to prevent it from happening to your family member. This article looks at the basic information you need to know about nursing homes and elder neglect and abuse.


Neglect and abuse of seniors are all too common in nursing homes, according to the government. Some statistics show that one in every three people staying in nursing homes suffers some type of neglect, abuse, or mistreatment. The risk of a senior being abused rises significantly if they have dementia, as almost 50 percent of nursing facility residents with this affliction suffer abuse.

Studies also show that residents of nursing homes are at greater risk of being harmed by neglect or abuse than individuals who live in assisted living centers or who live at home. The most common type of abuse is psychological abuse, which about 33 percent of residents receive. Approximately 14 percent of nursing home patients experience physical abuse, while 11.6 percent suffer from neglect.


When you have a family member living in a nursing home, make sure that you visit the facility regularly and keep an eye out for any signs of neglect. Some signs are obvious, such as bone fractures, bruises, burns, abrasions, and cuts for which there are no reasonable explanations or that are appearing frequently.

Another sign to look for which is more subtle are pressure sores, or bedsores. These are ulcers on the skin that result when a person has limited mobility or is confined to a bed. In some cases, bedsores could be a sign of neglect. The best way to prevent bedsores is for the patient to be repositioned in bed on a regular schedule. If the facility's staff is negligent and does not reposition the patient as often as required, bedsores could develop into a serious problem that could lead to infections and tissue inflammation.

Civil Suit

If you feel that a nursing home has been abusing or neglecting your loved one, then you may want to file a personal injury civil suit against the facility. You will first need to find an experienced negligence attorney to help you gather any and all relevant evidence, handle all of the court filings, and represent your loved one at any court hearings and trials.

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