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Auto Accident Law 101

How To Protect Yourself From Traffic Ticket Fees

Everett Cook

Traffic tickets seem to always come at the worst possible times. Whether you are rushing to make it to an important meeting or to shuttle your kids between closely scheduled extra-curricular activities, there are several traffic laws that may be broken along the way. Knowing how to avoid getting stuck paying the penalties for the traffic ticket can help you avoid the short- and long-term effects it will have on you. Here, you will learn the best methods of avoiding costly traffic citations.

While Driving

When you are driving, do your best to obey all traffic laws. Sounds simple enough, right? Well, it is very easy to find yourself going 10 mph over the speed limit along with the cars surrounding you on the highway or rolling through a stop sign when you are in a hurry.

Post a reminder on your dashboard or rearview mirror of how much failing to pay attention to your driving techniques will cost you. If you have a ticket from the past, tape it to the dash. If not, write a simple note of the average cost of a traffic citation and post it where you will repeatedly see while driving.

During the Traffic Stop

If you are pulled over, you must always show respect to the officer that could potentially write the citation. Never try to dispute a ticket at the scene. If the officer asks for an explanation, keep your answers honest, to the point and completely respectful.

Always keep both hands on the steering wheel from the moment the officer's lights come on until he or she asks you to provide the necessary documents. Only at that point should you begin digging through your car to find what you need.

After the Citation

Contact a traffic lawyer to assist you in fighting the ticket. This is very important if you have had several violations in the past. You may not want to pay the fees of an attorney to dispute a ticket that is a couple hundred dollars, but if you think of the added expenses you face by not fighting the ticket, you will quickly realize how important it can be. Paying for the lawyer could help you avoid big increases in your auto insurance and possibly losing your driving privileges altogether.

If you question whether the ticket can be fought and you could win, contact a local traffic ticket lawyer. You could learn that the entire situation could be erased from your driving record.


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