Auto Accident Law 101

Auto Accident Law 101

Common Oil Rig Injuries And The High Risk Field Of Oil Extration

Everett Cook

The oil and gas industry is hazardous for employees. With an injury rate 7 times higher than that of other industries in the United States, how to make the workplace safe for employees is always under scrutiny. If you have been hurt on an oil rig and you were following all safety precautions, you are entitled to financial compensation for your injuries. The most common injuries on an oil rig include toxic chemical exposure, burns from explosions, and head injuries due to falling from great heights. It's a dangerous job, and this means safety protocols must be followed closely.

Burns from Fires and Chemicals

Oil and gas are highly flammable, and this means that there is a high risk for accidental fires on an oil rig. You run the risk of getting burned by a fire or chemically burned because of materials used in the extraction process. While safety protocols may be established, those working on an oil rig may not be following these safety precautions. When you've been burned because of an accident while at work, it's important to establish the reason for your injuries and to seek legal counsel to assess your legal case.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Workers on oil rigs suffer from traumatic brain injuries because the work often requires working many feet off of the ground. Employees who fall from such a height are at risk for traumatic brain injuries, and this is often a permanent disability for the worker who sustains the injury. While harnessing equipment may be in place to prevent such falls, equipment can fail, causing the employee to get injured.

Chemical Exposure

You don't have to touch harsh chemicals or fumes in order to sustain an injury. Some workers who are exposed to toxic fumes suffer from respiratory illnesses, injuries to the brain, and other health problems. Working on an oil rig, you will be exposed to dangerous chemicals and fumes, and it's important to avoid inhaling toxins by following safety instructions.

Loss of Limb

The equipment used on an oil rig is large and dangerous. One of the more common injuries suffered by oil rig workers is amputation caused by large equipment that either crushes the limb or cuts it off completely. When you lose a limb while working on an oil rig, you will suffer a permanent disability for the rest of your life.

If you have suffered an oil rig injury, it's time to meet with an attorney for an initial consultation.


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