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Hiring An Experienced Attorney Who Practices In Drug Possession Law

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Every state has its own set of laws regarding the possession and use of controlled substances. It can be difficult to know what the laws are where you live. You may think that you can carry or use certain substances when, in fact, it is quite illegal and can land you in jail.

When you find yourself charged with an offense like consuming or carrying illicit or controlled substances, you need help fighting the charges against you. You can launch a solid defense to avoid jail time and other serious penalties by hiring an attorney who practices in drug possession law.

Proving the Quantity

For example, when the laws in your state allow you to carry a small amount of marijuana on you, you may need help proving to the court that you only had that amount, or even less, at the time of your arrest. The police officer that arrested you may have misjudged how much marijuana that you had on your person at the time of your arrest. They may have charged you with illegal possession when you actually had the legal amount on you.

Your drug possession law attorney can have the amount measured and weighed to determine whether or not it was legal. Your lawyer can then show the court that you did not commit a crime and get the charges against you dropped.

Bargaining Down Charges

If you have never before been arrested for a drug-related offense, you may not deserve to go to jail for years on a first-time conviction. In fact, your clean record may attest to the court that you are not a real threat to the public and simply made a bad judgment call in using or possessing drugs.

Your drug possession law attorney can use your clean record to your advantage in court. They can bargain down the charges and get them dropped from a felony to a misdemeanor. You may get a lighter punishment like completing a drug rehab program, performing community service, or paying a civil fine. You avoid having a felony on your record that can blemish your reputation and jeopardize your future.

A drug possession law attorney can provide valuable services to clients like you. They can measure the amount of the drugs that were found on your person. They may also be able to bargain down charges against you. 

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