Auto Accident Law 101

Auto Accident Law 101

  • 3 Ways To Win A Social Security Disability Hearing

    Did you file a Social Security disability claim that was initially denied? That denial was probably very disappointing. The good news is that you can appeal the denial. If you appeal, your claim will likely advance to a hearing, where you can present your case to a three-person panel. You can either represent yourself or hire a Security disability lawyer to present the case on your behalf. Either way, you'll need to meet certain criteria to win.

  • 4 Issues A Family Law Attorney Can Help With

    Family law is a complex field and can encompass many types of family issues. The first thing you need to know when considering a family lawyer is what type of issues they handle. Here are the four issues a family lawyer can help guide you through: 1. Divorce Divorce is a complicated, emotional time. Many people cannot separate their personal feelings from the law. Because of this, they don't always act in the best interests of themselves, their former spouse, or their children.

  • How To Rectify 3 Of The Most Common Estate Planning Mistakes

    You have worked hard for your money and assets. You do not want to make some of the most common and expensive estate planning mistakes. Numerous omissions will leave you susceptible in case you are found incapacitated. Other mistakes can severely impact the inheritance of your heirs. Read on and make sure that you will not make the following three estate planning mistakes. Do Not Make Bad Decisions Estate planning occurs in two stages.

  • Assault And Battery: Why A Personal Injury Lawsuit May Fail

    Before you bring an assault and battery lawsuit, you ought to evaluate your chances of succeeding. It helps to know some of the common defenses that may crumple your case. For example, you may not have a case if: You Consented to the Possibility of Being Hurt The defendant can argue you consented to the possibility of getting injured. You cannot agree to take a risk and then later sue the party that causes the risk, as long as what you agreed to wasn't illegal.

  • Should You Ignore That Car Recall Notice Or Do Something About It?

    Millions of people across the country have received car recall notices over the past decade or so. It seems like every few months, there is another major auto manufacturer announcing a large, nationwide recall due to some mechanical defect found in their cars. The cars involved in most recalls are older models, usually because it takes some time to gather enough data for a car manufacturer to determine if accidents in their cars are caused by driver error or something to do with the actual car.

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