Auto Accident Law 101

Auto Accident Law 101

  • 4 Steps For Challenging A Protective Order Against You

    When a person causes harm to another person, they have every right to have an order of protection awarded in their favor. However, there are instances when an awarded order of protection might not be warranted. In these types of incidents, the person on the receiving end of the order does have the legal right to contest it. 1. Follow the Order You must follow the order that has been put in place.

  • Is Probate Good Or Bad?

    Some people talk about probate as if it is an evil that everyone must avoid at all costs. At the same time, many lawyers extol the benefits of probate. The following is an overview of the pros and cons of probate. Why Probate Is Good Many estate planning attorneys will tell you that probate is good. Below are some of the reasons for this position. Control One of the ways of avoiding probate is to divest your assets via different programs while you are still alive.

  • Here's Why Dating During Your Divorce Is A Bad Idea

    If you've been unhappily married for a long time, you may be anxious to find someone new who will share your life with you more joyfully — but you really should wait until after your divorce is final. Otherwise, you may be opening the door to a whole host of additional problems. Here's why dating someone is a bad idea while you're going through a divorce: You Could Be Opening The Door To New Legal Troubles

  • Filing A Personal Injury Lawsuit? Become Familiar With These Terms

    Are you working with a lawyer to help file a personal injury lawsuit? If so, you're likely going to be hearing a lot of unfamiliar terms that are bound to confuse you. Here are some common legal terms that are good to know to better understand your case. Tort You may hear the phrase tort used quite often, which is one way to describe your injury case. A tort is any instance where legal liability results from the actions of another person, either intentionally or through negligence.

  • Can And Should You Adopt Your Stepchild?

    Have you recently married someone with a child who you've become a stepparent to? When you start to feel close to this child and form a parental relationship with them, you may begin to wonder whether you can and should legally adopt them. This is a complicated question and a complicated process, but here are some things for you to consider at the very beginning of this journey. One of the Child's Other Parents Will Probably Have to Give Up Their Legal Rights

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