Auto Accident Law 101

Auto Accident Law 101

  • 3 Tips To Speed Up The Immigration Process

    If you are excited about moving to the United States and want to be able to do so legally, you are probably prepared to go through the immigration process. As you might have heard -- or learned first-hand -- is that this process can be long. There are a lot of people who are looking to immigrate to the United States, and the offices that handle the paperwork can be quite overworked and understaffed.

  • Michigan Personal Injury Lawsuits

    If you have been hurt by another party, then you probably want to secure compensation. While you might be able to file an insurance claim, that might not give you the amount of money that you are looking for. In these cases, a personal injury lawsuit might be the most appealing option for you. If you are planning on filing in Michigan, then there are some general guidelines that you will need to follow, such as:

  • Two Ways You Can Help Your Personal Injury Lawyer Build A Strong Case

    You may have hired a pesonal injury attorney to help you get a fair financial settlement after someone has caused you to become injured, but that is only the first step on the road to victory. Here are some things you can be doing to help your lawyer with your case. Disclose Your Entire Medical History Your first impulse may be to keep some parts of your medical history to yourself because you don't think that it is relevant to your case.

  • Safety Tips On Divorcing An Abusive Spouse

    Divorce is never easy, but leaving an abusive spouse can be dangerous and more complicated than usual. Being abused can put you in a vulnerable and emotionally fragile position, but if you are to be successful in starting a better life for you and your children, you must set aside your fears and act logically. Good preparation without your abusive spouse's knowledge is the key to ensuring your safety, so read on for important safety tips for divorcing an abusive spouse.

  • Tips For Bringing Your Foreign Born Spouse To The United States

    Because of the preponderance of fraud in marriage-based visas, as Unites States citizens are paid to marry foreign nationals who wish to live in the United States, it is often difficult for actual couples to prove the validity of their marriage to wary immigration officials. Supporting evidence is a key factor that will often tip the balance in your favor when dealing with the complex and often frustrating immigration process.

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