Auto Accident Law 101

Auto Accident Law 101

  • Are You Facing A Wrongful Death Suit? Defense Options Available To You

    If you're on the defensive side of a wrongful death lawsuit, it may be hard to see a resolution that isn't going to cost you thousands of dollars. In order for you to properly defend yourself in a case like this, you'll need to be informed and prepared. In addition to working with a wrongful death attorney, you'll also want to familiarize yourself with some of the potential defenses. Here's a look at several defense options for your case.

  • Auto Accident Whiplash On Company Time? Make Sure It's Not On Your Dime

    If you were a victim and your neck was injured while you were driving a company vehicle and traveling for work and your company doesn't want to pay for all of your medical expenses, meet with a personal injury attorney.  A severe neck injury can lead to a lifetime of disabilities and could deter your ability to work for a lifetime. Talk with a personal injury lawyer and set up an appointment, and bring the following information.

  • 3 Crucial Instructions That Your Car Accident Attorney Will Give You

    There you were, driving in your car while taking care of last-minute holiday shopping when you suddenly (and unfortunately) found yourself involved in a car accident. Assuming that you were able to leave the scene of the accident, you'll need to decide what to do next. What you'll absolutely need to do is call a car accident attorney who will advise you of the following:  Don't Confess Anything To Anyone

  • 3 Ways To Win A Social Security Disability Hearing

    Did you file a Social Security disability claim that was initially denied? That denial was probably very disappointing. The good news is that you can appeal the denial. If you appeal, your claim will likely advance to a hearing, where you can present your case to a three-person panel. You can either represent yourself or hire a Security disability lawyer to present the case on your behalf. Either way, you'll need to meet certain criteria to win.

  • 4 Issues A Family Law Attorney Can Help With

    Family law is a complex field and can encompass many types of family issues. The first thing you need to know when considering a family lawyer is what type of issues they handle. Here are the four issues a family lawyer can help guide you through: 1. Divorce Divorce is a complicated, emotional time. Many people cannot separate their personal feelings from the law. Because of this, they don't always act in the best interests of themselves, their former spouse, or their children.

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