Auto Accident Law 101

Auto Accident Law 101

  • Assault And Battery: Why A Personal Injury Lawsuit May Fail

    Before you bring an assault and battery lawsuit, you ought to evaluate your chances of succeeding. It helps to know some of the common defenses that may crumple your case. For example, you may not have a case if: You Consented to the Possibility of Being Hurt The defendant can argue you consented to the possibility of getting injured. You cannot agree to take a risk and then later sue the party that causes the risk, as long as what you agreed to wasn't illegal.

  • Should You Ignore That Car Recall Notice Or Do Something About It?

    Millions of people across the country have received car recall notices over the past decade or so. It seems like every few months, there is another major auto manufacturer announcing a large, nationwide recall due to some mechanical defect found in their cars. The cars involved in most recalls are older models, usually because it takes some time to gather enough data for a car manufacturer to determine if accidents in their cars are caused by driver error or something to do with the actual car.

  • Tips On Easing Your Children Through Divorce

    If you are in the middle of a divorce, you may wonder how you can get your children through the situation. It can be a very hard time to watch your children struggle with the breakup of your family, when you also are going through such a difficult time. But as a parent usually does, you need to put your children's needs before your own at times, and it's important to make sure that your children can get through this knowing that you and your ex-spouse still love the children just the same as you did before you divorced.

  • How To Protect Yourself From Traffic Ticket Fees

    Traffic tickets seem to always come at the worst possible times. Whether you are rushing to make it to an important meeting or to shuttle your kids between closely scheduled extra-curricular activities, there are several traffic laws that may be broken along the way. Knowing how to avoid getting stuck paying the penalties for the traffic ticket can help you avoid the short- and long-term effects it will have on you.

  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, A Common Work-Related Shoulder Injury

    Many people have problems with their shoulder joints. However, many people who have shoulder joint dysfunction may not recognize the problem being related to their shoulder. One condition in particular, called thoracic outlet syndrome, is a dysfunction around the shoulder that can lead to issues in the hand. Many patients who have this condition may believe that the issue is in their hand, and treat it as such. However, recognizing signs and symptoms of thoracic outlet syndrome can help patients seek the appropriate treatment.

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