Auto Accident Law 101

Auto Accident Law 101

  • Examples Of Situations A Real Estate Law Firm Can Help You With

    Real estate law firms offer a lot of helpful services for people who buy, sell, or rent real estate. Depending on your situation and the law firm that you work with, you might be surprised by the different things that a good real estate lawyer can help you with. These are a few examples of situations that one of these attorneys might be able to assist you with. Creating a Lease for Residential Rentals

  • Always Listen To Your Doctor During A Personal Injury Case

    When you are injured and are considering filing a personal injury claim, one of the most important steps you'll want to take is to follow the advice of your doctor. Doctors are qualified experts who can give the best advice on how you can recover from your injuries. Also, failure to follow your doctor's advice can affect your claim and make your personal injury attorney's job much harder. Documentation After following the instructions of your doctor, you will have medical records that can then be used to support your case.

  • What Does An Employer Attorney Do For Companies?

    Employment is one of the most common forms of contracts that people and companies enter into. Many issues have to be addressed, and every business stands to benefit from retaining the services of an employer attorney. You'd be right to wonder, though, what such a lawyer can do for your company so let's take a look at four problems they can assist you with. Setting Up Employment Contracts Your relationship with each employee flows from the initial contract you both enter into.

  • When Is Someone's Conduct Considered Legally Negligent?

    When discussing a case with an attorney from a personal injury law office, there's a good chance the conversation will turn to the issue of negligence. Potential claimants oftentimes wonder what exactly makes a defendant's conduct negligent in the eyes of the law. Let's take a look at what standards are likely to apply. Assuming a Duty of Care In many situations in life, people take on a responsibility to not allow others to be harmed.

  • Will Your Debts Qualify You For Bankruptcy? What To Know

    Bankruptcy is the tried and true way for those mowed under with bills to seek relief. For every debt that is included in your chapter 7 bankruptcy, a fresh-start seed is planted. Unfortunately, the bankruptcy option was abused for many years before the code was updated to stop frivolous filings. While the changes in code won't stop filers who need it from filing, it pays to know about a certain pre-bankruptcy action that might not be what it seems.

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    Auto Accident Law 101

    After being involved in a serious auto accident with a drunk driver, I struggled heavily with getting the driver's insurance company to open a claim. When the insurance company started pushing back, I knew I needed to do something. I spent a lot of time digging through the laws surrounding auto accident claims so that I knew what my legal rights were. I even talked with an auto accident attorney. I created this site to teach others about what I learned, including my court experience. I hope it helps you to determine how you should proceed with your auto accident case.